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Foot loose?

These could be your feet!

Our training is for everyone with or without mental health issues. Are you often anxious or depressed, making it difficult to be active? Are you stressed or perhaps recovering from burnout or other illness? 

Mental health issues are not exceptional: living in the Netherlands, chances are one in four that you will have an anxiety or mood disorder in your life. So this could be you, or a family member, or one of your friends. Never dealt with any of this? Remember there is still a stigma around mental health problems. You may not even be aware about what your closest ones are going through.

We want to make exercising accessible and feasible for everyone, for those who are feeling on top of things ánd for those who are not feeling well. Therefore our slogan 'inclusive outdoor exercise'! A good current fitness is not required. This will improve along the way.

Worden dit binnenkort jouw voetjes van de vloer?

Active Walk & Start to Run

The Active walk & The Start to Run group suits you if you are recovering from an injury, illness or childbirth, have joint problems or do very little exercise for another reason. The Active walk & Start to run group is very suitable for working on a basic fitness level, which is necessary to practice other sports safely.


This is Active walk & Start to Run

Runner ups

The Runner Ups is a group for anyone who can easily manage to run in blocks of at least 1 to 2 minutes. It can be an appropriate follow-up to Active Walk & Start to Run. In the Runner ups you can gradually work towards half an hour of continuous running. Can you do this already? The group helps you to maintain your gains.


This is the Runner Ups 

Fort Lunet IV horeca in het Beatrixpark
 Drankje bij horeca in het Beatrixpark

Thirsty or fancying a cup of coffee? We start and end our training in front of Fort Lunet IV, a hidden gem located in the Beatrixpark.   

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